Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently using ‘’ for our purchasing process. ‘Sellfy’ takes care of things like tax, sending order confirmation mails and product downloads. It just makes it a lot easier for us to sell online items.
Yes, ‘Sellfy’ is safe. It secures all your Information during the purchasing process with the ‘GeoTrust’ SSL encyprtion technologie.
If you want to sell your own products we can definitely recommend you to check out Sellfy here:
We are currently only accepting payments through PayPal.
As soon as you purchased a product ‘’ will process your order almsot instantly and send you an email with the order confirmation and a download of the product.
If you did not recieve an email with your product download and order confirmation than make sure to check your spam folder in your email as some email services incorrectly flag automated messages as spam.
If you still can’t find an email please contact us at
If you lost your product just open up the product download email which you recieved during the first purchase of the product. You can than re-download your product through the link in the email. Note that you can only use the download link in that email 5 times !
We are currently not offering refunds as our products are online items only and can’t be returned like a physical prodcut for example.
All our soundbanks and sample packs are 100% royalte-free.

Repackaging or redistribution of our products is striclty prohibted. We will take legal actions against people who do it !

If Sylenth1 does not load our soundbanks then make sure to update Sylenth1 to the newest Version !
You are able to open our soundbanks with Sylenth1 Version 2.2.1 or higher.

Still have questions ?

Contact us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible !