StiickzZ – Essential Sounds
High-Quality EDM Samples !

€20.00 – Add to Cart !

300+ WAV Samples (1.0GB)
• 20+ Kicks
• 30+ Claps
• 30+ Cymbals
• 20+Snares
 20+ Percussions
• 10+ Toms
• 50+ Drum-loops
40+ Effects
10+ Fills
• 5 Construction-Kits (Demo Tracks)
100% Royalty-Free

‘StiickzZ – Essential Sounds’ gives you all the samples you need to create your next EDM banger ! A pack that is going to inspire you and help your creativity when you are producing.

This impressive sample pack contains almost everything you need. Inside you will find various drum loops, kicks, snares, claps, cymbals, fills, toms, percussions, effects and 5 Construction Kit’s. All samples were made with maximum precision and the highest quality possible. You can just throw these samples in your latest productions without even worrying about additional EQing or compression.

It doesn’t matter if you produce Progressive House, Future House or Electro House. With this pack your tracks are going to stand out !

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    In order to use thise product you only need a DAW which is able to load WAV files !

Essential Sounds Preview

In the video preview you can listen to 5 EDM tracks ranging from Progressive House to Bigroom House and even Future House.
These 5 tracks will be available as Construction-Kits in the samplepack so you can have a closer look at how those tracks were made. This allows you to study the song arrangement so you can learn how to arrange your own tracks. You can even take your favorite samples out of those tracks and use them for your own productions !