Sticky Sounds Vol. 5
The Ultimate EDM Soundbank !

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    100% Royalty-free

    All Presets & Samples are 100% Royalty-free and can be used for commercial purposes.

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    • Sylenth1 v3.032+ • Serum v1.202+ • FL Studio 12+ • Ableton v9.7+

Our by far most popular soundbank series continues with ‘Sticky Sounds Vol. 5’ !

With ‘Sticky Sounds Vol. 5’ we did not just want to make another soundbank for Sylenth1 but instead we asked ourself and the community on how to improve the ‘Sticky Sounds’ series. The improvements that we decided to include are pretty nasty and take this soundbank to a whole new level !

So what has changed ?
Usually a ‘Sticky Sounds’ Soundbank is just a big Sylenth1 soundset which contains sounds that are all inspired by big EDM tracks.
However, with ‘Sticky Sounds Vol. 5’ we have taken that whole concept to a new level by not only recreating the sounds of those tracks with Sylenth1 but even going as far as recreating the whole Drums and recreating elements of those tracks with Serum that can not be recreated with Sylenth1, like guitars and pianos. And on top of that we decided to include the Project Files for each song recreation.

Our goal with this pack is to not only provide producers with amazing presets and samples but also give them the opportunity to learn sound-design by reverse engineering the presets and using the project files to study the arrangement and mixing.

‘Sticky Sounds Vol. 5’ is the perfect tool for producers to learn how the biggest tracks of EDM are made.

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    Free Demo

    Want to try out the pack before buying ? Download the demo with a few of the samples and presets for free here.

– Video Overview –

Watch the walkthrough below to know exactly what you get with this pack and how every single preset was used !


– Preset Preview –

Deconstruct some of the demos to know what the presets and samples in this pack sound like !

No additional processing with e.g. EQ’s was applied to these demos. The presets will sound the way they sound in the demos.
The only additional plugins that were used in the projects files are a volume controller for sidechain purposes and a multiband compressor and limiter on the master channel to get the demo as loud as possible.

– Content –

A detailed list of everything that comes with this pack !

123 Presets for Sylenth1 & 25 Presets for Serum
(€37 Value)

110+ Drum Samples and Loops
(€17 Value)

33 Project Files for FL Studio & Ableton
(€67 Value)

– What’s inside Sticky Sounds Vol. 5 ? –

Two Soundbanks for Sylenth1 & Serum with 148 high-quality presets:

123 Sylenth1 Presets
37 Basses
30 Leads
21 Synths
16 Chord-Synths
10 Plucks
9 Pads
25 Serum Presets
10 Vocal-Leads
5 Pianos
5 Guitars
5 Flutes
+ 24 Noises
+ 8 Wavetables

A Sample Pack containing all the 110+ Drum Samples & Loops from the demo:

32 Kicks
19 Snares
17 Percussions
14 Claps
12 Cymbals
12 Loops

33 Project Files for FL Studio & Ableton inspired by the biggest EDM tracks:

Perfect to learn how some of the biggest EDM tracks are made.
Study mix, master, layering, sound-design & arrangement and use the techniques in your own productions.
Save your favourite samples and presets to use them in future projects.
Reverse-engineer the entire project and take notes to remember details and tricks !

– Customer Reviews –

Let us know what you think about this pack !

– FAQ –

In order to use the two soundbanks you will need Sylenth1 version 3.032 or higher and Serum version 1.202 or higher.
In order to use the soundbanks you will need any DAW that can load VST-Plugins like Sylenth1 and Serum.
To use the Sample Pack you will need any DAW that can load WAV samples.
For the Project Files you will need FL Studio 12 (we recommend version 12.5) and Ableton 9.7 or higher.
Third-party plugins, which were used in the project files, are Sylenth1 v.3.032, Serum v.1.202 as well as xFer OTT which is a free plugin that can be downloaded here:
Yes, in all 33 project folders you will find a project file for FL Studio as well as Ableton.
So to be clear, there are 33 project files for FL Studio and 33 project files for Ableton.
No, all our demo previews have not been additionally processed with e.g. EQ’s to sound better. The presets will sound the way they sound in the demos.
The only additional plugins that were used in the projects files are a volume controller for sidechain purposes and a multiband compressor and limiter on the master channel to get the demo as loud as possible.
Yes, we also offer a ‘Sticky Sounds Vol. 5’ Standalone Edition which only contains the 123 Presets for Sylenth1 and the 25 Presets for Serum for a lower price.
However, we do not sell the project files or the sample pack separately.
Can I use the melodies from the Project Files ?
No, all melodies that you can find in all the 33 Project Files do not belong to us. The original copyright holders are mentioned with each project folder name.
Do not use the melodies for your own productions. If you still use them we do not take any responsibility if you should get sued as we strictly advise you to not use them !!
Yes, all presets and samples are 100% royalty-free. Also, the samples and presets in the project files are royalty-free however, the melodies are not as they don’t belong to us !
However, repackaging or redistributing the pack is forbidden.
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